George Jones: “Still Playin’ Possum” | Coming to PBS’ Great Performances in 2024

“Still Playing Possum: Music and Memories of George Jones” is a live tribute special honoring the legendary country music icon, George Jones. Artists including Wynonna, Jamey Johnson, Jelly Roll, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, Travis Tritt and others perform Jones’ greatest hits from a career that spanned six decades with an all-star Nashville band to a sold out arena audience in April of 2023. Co-Produced with Spinning Plates LLC and Works Entertainment

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“FACING THE LAUGHTER”  the authorized Minnie Pearl biography |Coming to PBS

She was a dichotomy – Sarah was educated, serious, intelligent, articulate, ambitious and untraditional in many ways. Minnie was uncomplicated, direct, playful and quite traditional. A young girl hailing from a small town in Tennessee with big dreams of being a Shakespearian actress on the world stage was more like a delusion in the 1930’s. But she did make onto the world stage – with her recognizable costume and same opening line that never grew tiresome. The legacy she left was one of compassion, empowerment, innovation – but mostly, she made us laugh. This is her story… simple, yet complicated. Regional yet global. A permanent fixture in country music yet music was clearly not her gift.

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“Love Is Alive”  the authorized Wynonna Judd/Cactus Moser biography | Premiered on REELZ Network in 2022

Wynonna skyrocketed to the top of the charts as part of the mother daughter duo, The Judds. That story ended abruptly with a diagnosis of Hep C for her mother Naomi. Wynonna went on to have a successful solo career – but the last decade has been transformative. Husband and partner Cactus Moser and Wynona have combined their talents, shifted into a broader style and dare to be more authentic with their music – revealing Love is Alive.

Come visit Wynonna and her band at her place just outside Nashville, TN. Wy, her husband Cactus (the band leader and drummer) and her band perform classic country, classic Wynonna, and classic Judd songs. Wy & Cactus invite a couple of friends to join the concert to sing with Wy.

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She told her story in the lyrics of her songs and was a voice for so many women who’s daily lives were a struggle to make ends meet. Her voice is distinctive, but it’s her words that make her relatable. Her lyrics were simple, straight forward and honest. She sang it like she saw it. Her song stories spoke to women – women whose lives weren’t always easy. Her songs mattered and they’ve stood the test of time. Premiered on PBS and released worldwide in 2021

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A two-hour episode co-produced with Texas Crew Productions revealing the never before seen archive of Lord Mersey, the head of the British Inquiry into the sinking of Titanic providing new evidence that could change what has been accepted about the tragedy for over 100 years.


An hour episode that reveals the identity of the “mystery ship” that watched Titanic sink without rendering aid to the 1500 who died. The documentary uses expert commentary, rare photographs and original CGI recreations to make its case.

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“Iconic Women Of Country” | Premiered on PBS in 2020

Iconic Women of Country opens up country music’s vaults to provide an intimate look at iconic female country music artists, their stories and songs, and why they’ve stood the test of time.

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Michael Kaeshammer: “Boogie On The Blues Highway”  Premiered on PBS in 2020

A concert special spotlighting the fiery-fingered, captivating performance Michael has become known for around the world. Special guest include: Randy Bachman, Colin James & Curtis Salgado.

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Premiered on pbs, bbc, and cbc in 2019 | a pbs american masters: Charley pride “i’m just me”

Pride’s story is a lesson in the ways that art and expression can triumph over prejudice and defeat injustice.  Charley Pride: I’m Just Me, a 1-hour feature for the PBS American Masters series, will tell this remarkable solo journey amidst the racial complexities of country music.

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In 1972 while taking the stage in New York City’s famed punk rock bar Max’s Kansas City, Waylon Jennings was greeted with a shout from the crowd, “who the hell are you?” His quick response would become a mantra for him, “I am Waylon God damn Jennings and this is country music.”

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Born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Winchester, Virginia, Patsy Cline defined modern country music by using her singular talent and heart‐wrenching emotional depth to break down barriers of gender, class and genre.

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